Sell Industrial Plastic

Material Recovery, Inc core focus is the selling of plastic in regrind form. We pride ourselves on the quality and consistent supply stream developed. Once material is received, it is tested, categorized and then ground to approximately 3/8″ pieces. This allows for easy reuse among a variety of manufacturing requirements.

We carry a wide selection of regrind including PET, HDPE (Fractional melt, HMW Drum, Injection Grade), PVC, PP, PC, PS and Acrylics. Looking for LPDE film, Grade A/B LLDPE, Blue Film in baled or roll form? Material Recovery, Inc. has you covered.

Please call for current inventory and pricing.

Regrindpail regrindBlack regrindABs 3


Items available for sale

PET Clear bottle regrind – 4,710lbs

PET White bottle regrind – 11,662lbs

PVC Blister Pak (May have some PET contamination) – 18,000lbs

LDPE Baled Print film with adhesive strip – 18,500lbs

Polypropylene film (Baled and some roll stock) – 20,000lbs

Polypropylene black regrind with paper label – 9,647lbs

ABS Mixed Color regrind – 21,711lbs

ABS Spool regrind – 7,487lbs

Colorant – 5,000lbs