Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do you pay for post industrial plastic scrap? Yes.  We will do a full analysis on the material in question and provide next steps.

2.  How much is my plastic worth?  That all depends on the type, condition and quantity.  MRI offers competitive pricing and is subject to market conditions.

3.  Does material Recovery provide drop trailers?  Yes

4.  Can I set up a toll grinding program?  Yes

5.  Can any variety of film be recycled?  Most films can be recycled today.  However, there are exceptions and may require further investigation.

6.  Can Material Recovery provide gaylords?  Yes

7.  When can I expect to be paid for my scrap?  Material Recovery has prompt payment usually within 30 days.

8.  Do you take baled film?  Yes

9.  How about metal scrap?  No.  We process plastics only

10.  Do you pay for aluminum cans?  No.  We don’t take them.

11.  My plastic has metal built in?  Material Recovery does take some plastic with metal, however, the item would need further review before confirming.

12.  Does MRI have a truck scale on sight?  No (Please see Logistics for nearby scales)